WeChat & Football. 10 Tips for driving sales and increasing your audience.

WeChat or 微信 is an extremely popular Chinese social media app boosting 1.23 Billion active monthly users, each spending on average 77 minutes per day messaging, viewing content, making purchases and paying bills through WeChat’s own payment service “WeChat Pay”.  

The WeChat app is loaded with services and features making it almost impossible to survive day to day life in China without it.  You can buy a game ticket, order a football shirt or rent a public bicycle, pay an electricity bill, top-up your mobile phone or someone else’s all in a few  clicks. WeChat, created by Shenzhen based technology giant Tencent, is the nuclear combination of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Skype with a touch of Apple Pay sprinkled on-top for good measure.  Much like Facebook’s friends feed, WeChat users can check up on the latest “moments” posted by their contacts, which is viewed on average 10 billion times a day.  Then there’s the official account’s, all 14 million of them, publishing more than 2 million articles every single day.  And that’s not it, WeChat is packed to the brim with features and services each driving users back to the app daily, hourly and by the minute.

Below are 10 top tips for content creation and increasing product sales. Please comment like or share. I’ve added some bonus content in the form of a WeChat Layout Guide for those who make it to the end of the article.

WeChat account types

First of all, account type.  It’s important to select the correct account type suitable for your business and strategy. Each have different merits, if you are looking to integrate an e-store then you’d be inclined to select a service account.  If your focus is based upon daily content then a subscription account would be the most likely of the two.

WeChat Service Accounts WeChat Subscription Accounts Four broadcast messages per month One broadcast message per day Displays in personal contacts Displayed in Subscription folder Push messaging No push messaging Reply to any user with 48 hours Replay to any user with 48 hours Customised menus Business must be registered and use API, no menus for individual accounts Payments API supported No support for payments

10 Top Tips for WeChat marketing.

1: Innovative and creative content Be creative.  WeChat is an all in one social media app with bags of functionality providing marketers with the perfect opportunity to create truly great content.  Push the boundaries and create something eye catching tailored specifically for WeChat.  Copy and paste campaigns regurgitated from other popular social media platforms won’t deliver lasting impressions.  Be bold and visually inspiring, Chinese consumers love witty, entertaining and informative content. Interviews, experiences and topics which touch the audience fair well on WeChat.

examples of creative content designs

2: H5 H5 is an interactive program provided by WeChat for marketing.  H5 can provide your content with interactive graphics and videos and support a wide range of designs allowing you to get truly creative with your post.  You can also add call to action links for official websites or online stores to drive organic traffic.  Through WeChat analytics, you are able to analyse the data driven through H5 for traffic, demographics, views and frequency.

examples of content produced using H5

3: QR codes QR codes are an essential part of daily life in China.  QR codes are used for nearly everything from ordering food to collecting cinema tickets.   Everything from online content to clothing labels and packaging should display a WeChat official account QR code.  It’s important to give your audience a reason to scan the QR code, offers, promotions or a link to an official WeChat account.  Each official WeChat account is provided with a QR code, users are able to scan QR codes through the WeChat scan function available in within the app.  You can personalise and customize your digital QR code to match your brand perfectly.  Get creative.

Aston Villa QR code

4: Shareable content Your objective when creating content should not only be to capture the audience but for the audience to share your post across their network.  Posts which are useful, interesting and emotionally touching are most likely to be shared by readers.  Content shared by users ultimately ends up in groups, on WeChat moments or through a direct message.  With shareable content your post has significantly more reach and could lead to a rise in new followers and engagers.  

5: E-Commerce integration  Every good campaign should provide the opportunity for your audience to purchase official merchandise.  Call to action links are a great way of promoting products within your content directing your audience to affiliate or official online club stores through one of the many online retailers (JD.com/Tmall).  WeChat  is not a only social media behemoth, but one of the largest payment facilitators in China. This allows user to compete a purchases in a handful of clicks. 

WeChat e-store

6: This “will make you” rich In some instances, a post title may be your only interaction with your audience.  Titles are significantly important as they are what drives people to view your content.  The key is to give your post a title which is both intriguing and appealing which users feel they must read and will want to share with their network.  Titles which are captivating and sparks the ignition lead to the best results.  Trigram titles containing “will make you” receive double the amount of shares on social media compared to the the next trigram.  Emotional, engaging and intriguing titles fair best on WeChat amongst users.

Messi WeChat Brand Ambassador

7: Don’t limit your media format WeChat truly is a cross media platform.  Text, images, video, and video are all supported media formats.  This allows content creators a full toolbox of media to deliver stunning and captivating content.  Text and images can be dressed up with the inclusion of H5, videos should have call to action links directing users to e-commerce stores or official websites, and why not exploit an opportunity to stimulate the busy commuter with an audio serving.  Pre recorded audio content is often overlooked but is extremely popular on WeChat.  

8: WeChat Membership Card –  e-Membership cards are a unique way of providing digital affiliation to consumers at no material cost.  User’s can scan merchant’s QR codes and receive an electronic membership card held within Wechat’s digital wallet. Members can be issued with special promotions or offers for that specific merchant with the option to add discounts for the consumer.  This is results in lower promotional costs for campaigns and promotions whilst increasing the consumers loyalty to the brand.  This would ideally be placed within a themed restaurant or club store.  

e-membership card held within digital wallet

9: Drive users to content and convert to sales Newsletters, mini programs, groups and push messaging are great for driving users to your content.  But your aim should be to convert these engagements into sales with the inclusion of click to action links providing a direct link to your e-store.  All content should encourage users to interact and engage more with the account.

10, Automated reply Ensure you have a customised automated reply set up through your official account.  Tell users information about your brand and provide a means for contacting you.  

If you would like any assistance in developing your WeChat strategy or management of your WeChat account please get in touch.

WeChat Layout Guide

  1. Make all text 14 pts.

  2. Title should be in Bold and less than 15 words

  3. Wording should have a margin of 8

  4. Bold font all questions

  5. Bold font all questions and answers

  6. 1 line space between text and pictures

  7. Customise 定制 personalizar Personnaliser content, menus, so on.

  8. All content should include QR code

  9. Organised menus (if you’re a service account)

  10. Witty, catchy, thought provoking Titles


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