Calculating Impressions in Sports Sponsorship

Calculating sports sponsorship ROI can be tricky, there’s no precise value or equation. As of yet, you can't just enter a few pieces of information into a website and within a few moments a magical digit number appears. GumGum Sports are an AI imagery recognition company tackling this problem head on. They have developed a platform which analyses brand exposure and assign a value to it. They do this by calculating the value of said advertising space and register the length of time the brand logo is clearly exposed through broadcasting, live events and social media.

AI - Machine Learning

Technology is shaping how sponsorship and advertising is valued, no longer a case of sticking a logo on a billboard and hoping for the best. AI can identify the most prominent placement and prime real estate for your logo, ensuring maximum exposure and value. Knowing where in a stadium or on a football shirt to place your brand insignia will gain you the most exposure is key, as is knowing where not to place your logo (sleeve).

These advancements in advertising valuation are providing brands with more information allowing them know the full value they are generating. A successful campaign requires comprehensive data presented in an effective manor allowing brands to check off key milestones.

Social Media

Any brand embarking in sponsorship should have clear objectives and milestones marked out. Especially for social media. Brands need to assess the exposure. In the world of online marketing, this is known as number of impressions. Impressions are the total number of times someone has been exposed to an ad, logo, or content. Sports fans are interacting with their teams and players on social platforms more than ever, making it essential for any sponsor to measure the impact of their sponsorship value across both traditional and digital channels. In sponsorship marketing the focus should be on REACH, FREQUENCY & VISIBILITY. This may differ according to the brands objectives and goals.

REACH - Is the number of unique viewers which have seen your brands logo,

FREQUENCY - Is the number of times a brand logo, content or impression has been seen

VISIBILITY - Is the percentage of the total number of impressions that were in view


Method of Delivery

TV - Online Streams - Stadia - Kit placement - Social Media - Events/Hospitality - Print


Value - Identity - Appeal - Interest - Alignment - Placement - Entry - Association - Image

One such company able to collect and present this data in a clear and precise manor is Hookit. Hookit are social media analytics company helping brands collect insights around social media measurement jargon such as CPM, CTR, PPM and so on. Their platform enable brands to view data in a clear and precise format providing recommendations, for better decision making.

Facial Recognition and Wearable Tech

Privacy issues aside, facial recognition is another technology which could make valuing sponsorship easier. Already being considered or implemented in stadia for security purposes, if used appropriately and legitimately, right holders and companies could utilize facial recognition to provide accuracy in calculating sight, exposure and placement. Wearable tech promises to expand up facial recognition by measuring the emotions and reaction to brand exposure. Effectively offering up highly detailed data.

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