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Professional sports sponsorship is arguably one of the most high profile examples of commercial branding partnerships. You’ll probably instantly be able to reel off some notable sports sponsors, and certainly if you watch much European football, motor racing, golf or horse racing, you’ll be familiar with many of the names involved.

The biggest reason why companies affiliate themselves with professional sports teams is due to a boost in brand recognition. A partnership will provide companies with a unique opportunity to reach millions of people in one instant. Take the NFL for example, which reportedly attracts 17.6 million viewers per game. In doing so, it will provide a brand with direct access to their target audience.

Sports clubs offer brands an unrivalled platform, with the chance to break through into public consciousness in a way they might not otherwise. For fans, sports teams are like family, so there’s an instant audience tie in there for brands that can partner up with professional sports brands. But there’s also the dual benefit of exposure to sports fans and the viewing public more broadly, and it’s this that makes the difference for many of those companies involved in sponsoring sports.