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China Market Entry

Commercial Development 

Investment & Financing 

Pioneering Sports Technology


What We Offer

CALCIO DIGITAL brings together its resources, infrastructure, network and experience to help entrepreneurs take their ideas from conception to scale, maturity and exit.



Commercial Development

Our market entry program is carefully designed to take care of each business entering the Chinese market.

Government Liaison 

A number of incentives and favorable policies have been established to help China become a world leader in Sports:

Investment & Financing

Co-develop China market strategies, assist with localisation and pilot set up, identify and secure key strategic partners and customers

IP, Equity, and exit protection 

Highly tailored to the specific needs of each company, primarily supporting them through their critical period of Chinese market entry.

Sport Tech Landscape in China

The Media explosion of over-the-top digital video providers, social networks, user-generated content, and mobile apps, are creating

new business models and

revenue streams.


eSports continue to grow, creating new commercial opportunities for top gamers, companies and

marketers to reach new and younger audiences around the world.


Wearables & Performance enhancement technologies utilize advanced sensors to capture and track user activity, providing data

and metrics for evaluating and improving


Sponsorship assets are advancing beyond traditional formats, using

advanced analytics and new digital platforms to form more direct and

targeted connections with

their audiences.


Stadiums are turning to new cloud, mobile and analytics

technologies to enrich and complement the fan experience, boost attendance and reinforce their value


Data analytics capabilities are being

applied to provide a competitive advantage, improving game

performance, supporting training, recruitment, market segmentation

and fan activities.

Data Analytics 



When can I apply to the Sports Innovation HUB program

We accept applications all year round.

How do I apply?

Complete the contact form and one of our staff will schedule a convenient time to discuss your project and provide you with all supporting documentation.

What happens after I submit the application.

We invite up to 10 startups each quarter to our virtual Selection Day and will make the final selection from that group.

When will the next virtual selection day take place?

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Selection Day will be held virtually. The next event is due to take place middle of September. Typically, we hold 4 events each year.